Craft Beer & Cigar Pairings

Cigar-&-BeerHere at the Mancave Cigar Lounge we offer a great assortment of craft beers to enhance your experience with our fine premium cigars. This assortment includes a full range of flavor options & beer styles. We would like to offer you a few suggestions of which beer to pair with which cigar.

As a general rule, you want to “match the color” of the cigar’s wrapper with the beer. So, a dark rich maduro wrapper would naturally pair well with a creamy dark stout & a pale light Connecticut wrapper would go well with a light golden ale. But this is just the basics. There are so many different variations, and your palate is, after all, your palate. Here’s some suggestions from our selection of craft beers to try with our premium cigars:

Gurkha Royal ChallengeFunky Buddha FloridianFunky Buddha Floridian & Gurkha Royal Challenge

The fruity banana & citrus flavors of this German Hefeweizen style beer marry well with the mild creamy flavor of this superb cigar. The Honduran wrapper adds a bit of peppery punch in the beginning, but that just serves to bring out the clove flavors in the beer. After the initial pepper/cedar spice flavor, the Gurkha Royal Challenge quickly settles into a creamy, soft, buttery flavor. When enjoyed with the Funky Buddha Floridian beer, you almost feel as if you are having a citrusy banana split, sans chocolate. This would be a wonderful, relaxing after dinner combination instead of a high calorie desert, since the Funky Buddha Floridian comes in at only 156 calories.



Left Hand Milk Stout & Camacho Triple Maduro

Milk Stout has always been known for it’s sweet creamy flavors, and the Left Hand Milk Stout is no exception. This English style stout has the addition of milk sugars (lactose) added to increase it’s sweetness. What do you ¬†pair with this luscious beer? Why not something strong & bold? Why not the Camacho Triple Maduro? I think, yes, this would be perfect. The Camacho Triple Maduro is, without a doubt, a strong, bold cigar. Heck, that’s what Camacho does, right? It was also on the list of Top 25 cigars in the world in 2012, so it’s definitely an excellent smoke. It has strong bold flavors, like a triple espresso made from the strongest coffee beans in the world. That boldness of flavor pairs so well with the sweet, creamy flavor of the Left Hand Milk Stout. Give this combo a try when you are feeling adventurous.


 cigarcitymadurocutoutRP edge MaduroCigar City Maduro & Rocky Patel Edge Maduro Toro

What can we say? This combination is really a match made in heaven. The rich cocoa & raisin flavors of the Patel Edge Maduro (rated a solid 95 by Cigar Aficianado) pairs so perfectly with the citrusy hops & dried fruit flavors of Cigar City’s Maduro beer. It’s hard to find a craft beer & cigar more perfectly suited to each other. We would recommend lighting up the cigar first to get the first taste of cedar & leather going, then once the cigar hits it’s raisiny fruity flavors, take a gulp of the beer. The flavors of the smoke & the beer will just melt away in your mouth. So perfect….

350x350_founders-all-day601-La-Bomba-Warhead-IIFounders All Day IPA & La Bomba Warhead II

A clean, honest hoppy India Pale Ale with it’s strong bitter component pairs inexcusably well with a spicy pepper bomb of a cigar. Enter the La Bomba Warhead II. This cigar is all about spice, so it will definitely bring out that clean hoppy flavor of the Founders All Day IPA. The Founders All Day IPA is considered a “session beer”, which means it’s so good you will drink it for the entire session that you are at the bar. The “All Day” tag means that session will be a long one. This light bodied, light calorie (141 in the bottle) beer won’t fight with the spicy pepper flavors of the La Bomba cigar. The La Bomba Warhead II starts off with a white pepper kick, but then has undercurrents of sweet carmelized sugar. It’s that sweet flavor that plays well with the hoppy bitterness of the IPA. Enjoy this combo when you have an afternoon to kill.




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